Our People

The people you will work with on a global engagement scale bring you a knowledge base that is unequalled in our business.

Each engagement is led and coordinated by a highly experienced consultant and supported by a global team of experts with in-country experience expertise, insights and benchmarks.

Global Leadership

R3’s co-founders in 2002 continue to be actively engaged in all projects and the strategic direction of the company.

We believe in the three core values of Independence, Insight and Integrity and instill this into every member of our team.

  • Greg Paull Principal & Co-Founder
  • ShuFen Goh Principal & Co-Founder

Local Team Profile

We work globally as one team, which means our clients benefit from a high level of responsiveness and quick turn-around that does not sacrifice the quality of our work or thinking.

  • North America
  • Greater China
  • South East Asia
  • Europe
  • Greg Paull Principal & Co-Founder
  • Melissa Lea Managing Director, US
  • Ed DaSilva Senior Consultant
  • Hui Lin Ho Senior Consultant
  • Lana Tobengauz Senior Consultant
  • Claudia Caplan Senior Consultant
  • Melanie Kennedy Senior Consultant
  • Vincent Tam Senior Strategy Consultant
  • Sarah Tan Marketing Director
  • Kayleigh Ma Consultant
  • Maria Mercedes Rodriguez Senior Researcher